Friday, January 12, 2018

we're safe in hell

for the swans
collodion telemetry cream
face lift treasured plastic
arm bite
glass pelvis scream
tuning fork road flushing
your hair
money is slashing your hair
with the pain of sorbet
sorcerer in scrabble pays
delicately whimsical tiny tossed bodies
in the wind tunnel decorations
uncle samos and aunt samothrace
black shadow thieves cult hiwaymen
aborigine of sun chaos cult
aborigine of algae electric
fish ecstasy
youth of burn healing
youth of wound speaking
youth of dry hump ptah
youth of bandwagon 40 thousand
car pileup
not until you see the black of their eyes
not until you black the white of their cries
not until you stir the iron of their dirge
not until your language
is endangered dirigible beast
with the pain of sailors trapped in a sinking sub
with the terror of exploding avarice
with the rust
with the metal boys
who lay in seizure upon the moth feathered
with the metal girls smothered
between the webbed toes
of blank idiotic numbers
spewing like a charm hole
money is your horn chin
breath your gleeful fever
deep youth you are ancient
lionfish you mumble
lionfish mask saint-ish
you eat their symbol whole
you eat inside the eating
you feed the others inside the eating
all is eating all
deaf a krater

deaf a krater

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