Saturday, January 13, 2018

av/ gas of drained sanities \mav

the bells of the curving
harmonica horns
were glass fruits
in which faux molecular smoke
and tiny transparent bat-things
were entangling into emblems
in the service of the porous pouting
mouth which would breathe them
but green bells
would sit quietly towering
in the swirling lawns
which grew between the capricious
whose swollen mouths became fickle
as spelunking hair golems entered there
espousing lush fuzz
and brutally curlicuing melange
the food
of the hovering bells
whose heavy bhulbhous
hanging tongues of dark crimson metal
were magnetic / repulsive
these bells slid smoothly into canals
and du-ramex quen -fofex quoth circule

boat head iself isle
bat hood slef tile
the honeycombed face hamonica
of the dark hooded cult
of enunciation
what use purpose
what use purposelessness
the river would orbtile
the orbtile would river

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