Wednesday, January 10, 2018

iggi anhod

what hope will crumb
haybe hype face about
in its golden flowing soft la gare
a fungus lucky language made
to fried robots
and harbinger of the shelf
a velvet claw so miniature
must be brought up in the abstract
and apostolic holism's barrier house
perched high
and with its rough hewn log balconies
covered in moss shag and bandicoots
what pride is there
in chemically processing this strange
cosmic materielle? i have seen its face
lock eyes
with a nonsensical and steel debating lesion
that hope is conan's crom
and this our new internet
of hy(per)boria
so glad we are to filter creatures
tiny like iggi
a one digit shroom jaw
a soft detachable mushroom jaw
for the helmtu foff hages

glad phages!
lift up your weevil accordian breeches
you chose keet seel
for its laminate seal ghosts
running tinier and tinier
into the production of negative lines
soft soda pop and lime
would give the soda jerk inside the knight
its very own jester doll
as a crumbling cookie called no-fad-grow
for in that universe
alternative leisures erect knife walled
gas but in no names are sea beasts green
they have much no eyeball language
to ruin their
stairfish location bouquet
you can see its hallucinating jaw hanging there
on a chain around its neck
and the wild blue tires
of its ourniquet suffocation
beaker it tells these ruins of critical problems
space is shifting
ab barley barrabassa burn tel
raabsicka tsookie zenkie
the deafness of its riddle
is cooin for tidal grensockets
but still wide against the spring
until the pen is out
of the serif
and their magnet deep end
is the holy blank hyle

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