Sunday, January 14, 2018

transporting solid wastes by train

what part of the equation
does elastic camera sphinx
commode away

in the vacuum of time
this fresh air
wills enunciation'f
slat introdiction

or blaise cend*RAR.s
of kodak
delivering picaresque canada
fitting ornithnorhombal plotives
picture smells

as they relate to mood
being transfigured into and by
each little heckle and jeckle
of hideology

bubble syncope toxic
world-game fetish appropriation
leads on this way
until pressed towering
mae west toilet paper monument
a tiller's son
a cotton nero ax

is the pearl poet
rex tillerson
is pilgrim's progress
leaking from my rare brisket satchel
my sandal bun rose
of loose and clerky waters
wherefore i friend of tithe
belittle with chives
and mourn bees
in their no underwear utopia
and tiny misadventuring
you find a poison book
before you dawn adorn
the lavender sleep helmet

its ivory nipples
are the castles of your forebears
these long black cosmic wastes
are strange

roasting loot
we construct some atmospheres

i get into the whole caust
of shipping solid waste
to mummified ex-poet society images
gleaning on one knee i prey
on protein electric green mantic
my solid black monocle
is suddenly sentient
descartes oni sony
longshoreman woman trawler

and awaiting a dramatic
and alien judgement

they still join in
with the other
semiotic paddle careening molecules
face paddles are careening
in molecular waste juices
and celebration never waited

for high volute wayne gawain galoot
please glow smarter
with squirrel pendathene bach roundrock
wholly undertree

why does it give thee twins in towns for towing
no noticias differencias

Laocoön: o autonomia of plastic artes in relation to langua
Faocoön: o autonomia of plastic waste people in relation to swan island rotoplanetoidia
Saocoön: o autonomia of rotolangua in relotion to autonomia

o roto
o lang roto
en toto
karl malden frankenstein sheep

among these foxgloves
among the undertow
wits end wilt
delphic umbrella poem prayer
they think this needs they
this thinks
thin inks ophelia
black ice egg mask

this paddle face
shifts in the haze
of paddle faces

all waste is solid
all waste is loose
in space book

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