Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Great Instauration

not a
not bull
no minotaur
and over the walls they go
a labyrinth as seen from above

all labyrinth
is the way of proceeding
for precursor puzzling
meditation upon the calculation

radiation before discovery
and magic takes its hole
this mouthless mask
with a singing
and single eye

sweet lucy sweet lucy
should she
should it
should he
should they
not that we think you weary be

arrive for leader in science to the people
arrive to the people in science for great art
arrive finally among the people amid their art
to save its science

and among the pines
and amid the hungry ghosts
"w'are' th'air'"e
to with a meme pollution
shan't vagus
shunt shanty
shill shumthing at shemthing
critique its vanity in short
by adjustment and

long glow
that did this motion give

of changes to delight
here and her to all:

arrive now instauration!
if our ruins say too much
if our routes would turn the twist
and keep on
if the meander has confused
it was fused already
open that to wit
and follow it

for the crumbling orb
wills a seal and to seal go

in leaders of science
where the field is open
to all beings

from the euglena
to monad
and back again
we will not pedigree
the grist

this herald of a sign sky opened
on what's
inner heavens
and fulfill'd
this tried abode

a mirror crack'd
"w'are' th'air'"e
whose fragments
may perform in any arrangement

where darkness yoked to light
and light to darkness
and broke
among the daze
and dizzied phazes

and hee grey
a mirth for wiles of construction
their monad pharmakon
twins to yield

the landswrithe true tube is noise
and order made one
all message
all come
here into

art wide arms o soldiers
these gasps whose elderly trees full long
in their strong

in their dirt
which is a society
of substances

eyes so full
and in pure water

optics divine
and sound
achieve this

all radiant reveal the conceal
and conceal the revelation

the ray of darkness
to light the world

the sky to(o) close
over one absolute mother
and its absolute pupil

come to yourself
great instauration
after so much longing
and failure
and false vanity
come to yourself

for stars permit
any number of lines

take these steps
between some fondness
in their aching institutions

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