Sunday, January 14, 2018

ode's odd unleavened verities tease

cap toyn
the lake line rises higher
around this floating island
pulsing horizontally in the pinioning
of its inscription logic
logic should simply perimeter
the colorless volume where the daily campers
husk their prunes for sun dock
each tool is a wizened left-cake animal
a dictean and hollow votive leg ("is" and "is not")
the surprise inheritance of oak sweat tipsy
stamped into being by the crushings
in the local everywhere of the symplegades
the punctum hole, whole, unique
in our own and total other
syntax at origin

the pace of notes is staggering
beg congeal (aralgogesar et theaetetus)
if social clamber whole
Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!

sap for druid
shape for cold
geopuscule nay for yes
thighs for springtime running
the buck white sheet over natural avarice
and the tears of amber
to laud the statues
when they awaken to a universe
where words have failed
tinkerbox children will look lovely
as bats in a wild and proliferative physiognomy
of mute and baroque inconsistencies
of stability

oh molecule whose alphabet
are these delicately furred tune rung turnstiles
rune tongue turd styles
peristyle softenings
these fungi enlictorating star palaced
habeas diagrams
now lower
now significant
in the smallest possible space
in which complexity might squeeze itself down
par ware wave
par wave cave theodolite

picture of a picture
woman holding a balance
this bread place
guiles its ivory hands
taint nails in tarry
taint nails in haint heint
and the tills are scoop fats
and as tongue shills we glide
in our hollow headed galactic book

and we stay
doubling to thumpings of curl and qavkitch
in our goad and manes
and this is our nauplii land

with silent black eggs
ripe to dubium
so that farce its trilemma rust
will continue to refute it all
in some possible

tadpoles pebbles and mercury
take table on the clay
and we circuit
we hecatomb
because of our instance

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