Thursday, January 11, 2018


(from lueures + limbes)

are creatures from deep within
the andromeda galaxy
difficult to reason with
because of their advanced status
they are only mildly respectful
of the mentality and culture
and indeed bodily borders
of their fellow cosmic species

their bodies are strange
and became the way they are
through vast and impervious
ages of culture

virtually indestructible
the typical lurolimbi
appears when isolated
to be something like
about 8 feet
of incandescent hovering rope
but which can become instantly
a network of fibers so vast
and so fine that it can
span an entire solar system

when engaged the lurolimbi
appear to 'think in the air'
spreading their networks wide
and letting constellations
of physical symbols
coalesce and interact

in fact
the center of the andromeda galaxy
is nothing but an enormous nest
of ageless lurolimbi

not normally war-like
but extremely mischievous
preferring to seed slower cultures
with concepts and techniques
arising seemingly from within
and arranged in such
a virtuosic manner
that some species go catatonic
in spasms of ecstasy

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