Thursday, January 11, 2018

отвлечь (otvléčʹ)

o tibia juissance
ney bun
ney bunting grab
over-tired tiered ojibway hand
hund bee under bridge mote
tel (bund hee) or
(bound knee) telk
kitha kintha
spead letter toes
for caudex caudex 擺放
or jocasta epicanthus sea dock dickery
or fingers for gilled mohawk cresting
comb cloud
flesh fog

o cranial
metis dolus
the path you choose it brilliant
but having no path
no cranial
no clever no dull
may be evern
nikia nikata hikata
hijihikatsa démaquilles

take off the mask
bugbear medusa hound
take off the mask
bacterial castle cacophany
ecstatic and delirious

dolos prints
the comehighter hitter
liter litter is literally

a short muskrat take
on a fornhornlore shorn:

It revolves around Amory de Catinat, a Huguenot guardsman of Louis XIV, and Amos Green, an American who comes to visit France. Major themes include Louis XIV's marriage to Madame de Maintenon, retirement from the court of Madame de Montespan, the revoking of the Edict of Nantes and the subsequent emigration of the Huguenot de Catinats to America.

"censear" and if
hyde is gasp
in flunk 1 and 2.


You can do this
See what you know.
Can change depending lorem
I was tired
Remember that alcohol
What strength?
Search across the bed, embarrassed
He will immediately follow?
Alaganium is higher than the Devil
pig pig
bar stool
Gold is higher and better
The purposes broke mantel
Where are they?
The port Epiphany
Eugene Field Productivity
Because this kind of drive?
Soldiers are stored Atlas
like him
I'm not able to see what is here and here.
Thus, you can find
The language can be?
The grass into a glass
Then join the volunteers goods
The miracle of God proud.
If it appears that the eye
increasing uncertainty
or odd flesh


How would the who clue go
To the show in which the know
Could glue in lieu of polar requisites
In a stab that sat so sad
Unopened except for the head
Of the line that drank the wine
On the go in which the who might
Sted its supple bed that knife
Which glowed and eventually slowed
Its tip made red by argentum delirium
With a caulk of pork to draw the stork
On the walls of a shed made of pincers
Of gold a collyrium bright and efficiently
Broken by the bromide of tonsils
Which supped at the patch where the
Egret transformed into an ephebe
Or in the sphere of Eugene Robber
Whose piloted steed was such that
Its hooves were covered in satin
And the nostrils glowed with every
Hue of clue in who's show and in that
Way it showed that a topiary arrangement
Could be had in which language were
An empty Galahad and the gullness
Mitt fermin would mule the gong
Its miracle leprosy with a radiant
And flowing mandala of ivory
Tubule confetti commas an eyepatch
For the lesser whims

and then
a universal flunky
a flunky devoted
to being of
and inside
the matter
rather than
its outside
which doesn't
if suppooses.

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