Saturday, January 13, 2018

Brownian camouflage

these patterns may have no
signifying function but
they are socially simulated
and muta habsoo
the receptacle of combination
or the ear not combined
but with the path
they cannot see it
making sense as if sense is a given
brownian blue claw
soft headless ferret
with huge blue claw from neck
and if for a moment a leprachaun
were a green metal bracket
to hold the post-ferret marsupial
plant-bust with wind-up wood
radial leg-wheel
huge white pearl replace patella
oni below
a nigh new orb
space as the vessel of combination
is your only rhetoric
making sense as if it were a gibbon
nagualitoid named in more chorax
blue claw
beat this margin gender, this schitzox
beat this margin race, this schitxoz
beath this marred gin
to the pelvic wundle

beathe it
enwreathe it
the gift of mammaly
in dark shoes on
and pants off
in hush
is Perseus made of rifles
of hush
is Medusa made of rifles
of old dolls and other swastikas

space is dyad no dyad
for they are not building the stone
the stone is built
is building

the stone
is an insane building
about insanely building
"buildings" (plural)

the rod has flowered
and the pyramid of lilies
threads skeptical snakes
through its nihilism of surfaces
its adoration of the infinity
of surfaces

pale blue ceramic roof
and heavy blood red iron
man hole cover
would (if chevrolet)
inquires politely
and we

stesichorus is dashing
on the benched galley

"beached galleries"
their seamewling

the turtle soup lifting away from shem
like a collar

its whole head covered
with a translucency
a turtle shell

a ludic prison
in which the play becomes much louder
and the total negativity
of positive combination


upon a cult
of romance

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