Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Villa Palazzetto in Monselice

you cannot kill the idea of a shoe
or of translation / and often the
simplest most direct and logical
method of transversing [ ]
space becomes a verse to itself
in adversity athwarting the path
most sought but somehow without
the outside becoming a specific
error or the inside moving mistakenly
to wit: in a world of pure accident,
there are no accidents, there are
only pure accidents, so that grace
and irony are dissolved into one
and one another and neither one
nor the other to near the nether
or the ether before their either
would hover or aver in veer
as veneer as renovation falling down
a flight of concrete stairs
surviving for ten days in a hospital
before succumbing to the injuries
of the fall to be buried standing up
and wrapped in linen sheets
in the style of a medieval knight
in an isolated exterior
and L-shaped corner of the
"is and is not" interior
(Chaturanga) escarpment

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