Thursday, January 11, 2018

Come Bucks of Kombu, Ahh, Moyo-Moyo

i am tuning into you
yndyrë tokë vozis
Carbi biśbēra curi karā

fat land paddle
you use atop the abode
of your iron column
Kuhaa ang tambok nga kalibutan
i am turning into you

drawn fat
and quartered
like a word
severed like its name
pang pang

rubber chicken chimneys
sneak coldly through the smoke
sweeping up clouds
into their severed noses
i am tuning carbi tokens
chicken paddle chimney array wheel

a jeweled dew
lays there like an
intellectual woman
i am absolutely still
for chewy hash is my woe

there is a faint pang
as i tune
into her inhabiting the dew
in the new swan body
which has grown suddenly

from my obese
chin knob
Kumbukumbu ya moyo
Dila dī maimōrī
and bid me a dim ad
to the wheel

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