Sunday, January 14, 2018

Vertical Versus Horizontal Hagiohorology

for 100 years now
these all ageless female android bioclones
of Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin
have lived secretly in the myriad and
networked cave structures of Mount Behistun
dressing in the traditional manner of the
Sakā tigraxaudā (the Saka who wear pointy hats)
and practicing the piano. this is their story:

sṭi pārāva kṣīra sica ną̄ma vya kaṃtha geʾsaṃd-
the sty will pair raving to the sick names
of the vying chimera camphors which rise
from the gem-sands

nāta bāri berą̄ñāri. rrāhaji māśti
natality bares its own bearings
as a raging mastodon

-ā ṣa ṣamąni. sigaṃjsa ną̄ma ya kaṃtha hā
the sad semen is a jigsaw name
for the laughing camphors

ma tsuñai ye. paṃjsāsä gaṃpha hā ṣiʾ ā
my stones tune ye and the camphors
which have become my pajamas laugh
as a sea laughs

ysa naṭhajsa ṣṭi misti ttaraṃdarina hvaṃḍi jsä
this yes would lather that and these misty sty
are terrible ballerina hands making jazz

ṣiʾ ṣamąni yavakhyą̄ni kāmu bāḍi
there are so many that are bad
in a lava canoe you came too
and it was bad

sti u kāmu hālai mąñuśrī aʾysānai
it is a sty you came to
a hall where a man layed
using an eye to lie

mą]ñuśrī āʾysānai tta hve si. cu hiri kęṇa
the majesty of his usury is insane
have you seen these curls here
can i

ṣṭāna dya mąñaśrī aʾysānai-t-ī tta hve si
it is a staining dye as man goes awry
with the insane twitter haves
and the insane twitter havenauts

’]āchā pana yakṣa aysura suvarṇa[pakṣarāya
will yetis yet drink tea and chat on usury
while their backpacks go awry

sum]īrä garą̄nu rrāṃdi śau hālai [ts]v[ā]ṃ[di
some will jeer and go out in our rain
they will ram their sawbucks into jalai games
before our vamping jazz pyre

-āvi pyā khu purra urmaysdā b[āyi
i've got a vamping pyre of kookoo purring
oh eye
ohhh eye ye eye
-ā pyā -ī -ī rve -i -i
It's a pie I carve with delphi

rrāṃdi ttī ttu jä
i rammed my tea into a jar
(for awhile)

I am the secret society
of Scriabin's Maidenhead.

(on piano)

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