Saturday, January 13, 2018

the neck with the three color wing

stapled in place
the leather crystal bled
white into the tableau
and revealed as milk
these blood red coral feet

who sat sluicing
sluicing as a sky blue saddle
upon a purple horse whose head
looked more like an elephant's
holding a crescent shaped melon

but the sluicing begins
with these periwinkled legumes
hard and dry
and flanged with pure white and black ridges
like writing
which contradicts itself
so that the puzzle be obscured by contradiction
the puzzle being
the variety of experience

which is the one true wonder
and the level
the absolute level of all margins
the single margin
of an infinite asymmetry
life in the physical universe
[so far]

and so we noticed this
being a painting
of leathern crystals on the field of battle
and we stapled in place
the further divagations of the tale
of the alchemical wedding
and ignored the spaces

ignored the promontory gap
where we might find a vision

that pale and smooth blue nipple-less
whose shattering would foretell
of a free-form woadabul
an angel of sorts

whose speech is the adoration of contingency
and the gasp of the pupil of innocence

a style to ward the graven persona

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