Thursday, January 11, 2018

in the neighborhood of witness

white berries
red leaves
a reliquary where
the pit-bubble-basin
of the sidewalk lays open
to the walker in the sun

white berry golem
red lichen flame bed
where the colors shift
the pit bubble raisin glows
some clothes fall off
into the maze of maisons below

is red coral choral
in moonlit quarry?
the icon is a snap
rasping cold lapis spheres
in the rain
the letter debauched
by the sound
the word debauched
by the entrances

transparent mud
transparent and radiant
lens scree snet neece nakes

lens cakes
of the avarice of snow
and lens hands
mimicking leaves
in empty
concrete bubble

you too
will wear the discarded clothes
of the transparent minotaur nose
which shapes its plains
noise colors

as each sun flows
to ward their icon

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