Sunday, January 14, 2018

when creativity turns sinister

the color lavender is made
by mixing purple and white

silk chiffon is an elegant
sheer fabric and covers
any elf with a soft and
alluring drape

classic chandeliers
have arrays of hanging crystal prisms
to illuminate any elf
with refracted light

let's face it
elves can be naturally bogan
Hansika Motwani
was once seen chiding
a chiffon draped
lavender elf
illuminated by chandilier

anything of colored porcelain
rounded out with ormulu
will make a nice home
for a bogan and elegant

and as they say in the more sinister classes:
an elf that hath his brains perished with quicksilver
is not more cold in the liver

you may see
drunken chiffon clad lavender elves
careening about
on the backs of pale grey
bathed in refracted light

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