Sunday, January 14, 2018

in the dream

i keep driving past an old dilapidated restaurant of some kind and behind it there is a cemetery with some large buried circular tanks and a few headstones and statues. i see what looks like a blessing a few different times as i pass by or a person trying to quiet something unclean, a priest or someone is back there making motions, sprinkling things etc. at some point i am riding a bicycle past the cemetery and there is a group of homeless people there and i know one of them from poetry, so i stop and speak with him. I ask him, is there a haunting here, a demon or something. He said it is a strange thing, there is a creature who comes here, she is an old wrinkly woman they call "Broccoli" and she will bite off your face if you let her. it's happened several times. i could see little footpaths worn in the grass, from the homeless, the priest, and from "Broccoli"..

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