Saturday, January 13, 2018

urn bell with stiff vertical clapper

would i be made
of crabs held at
an angular velicity
or loss of city hell
twice i have been made
by crabs and twice by stars
the clear and transoarent
sum of their radial waters
lifted up by pincers
compressed and smoking
the drifting haze this initiation
into social sideways scuttling
the little boat upon the spit
for crabs are the aqueous tongues
of a water sun whose shell-like faces
long and grow long passing through
shafts of glass which arc from
water's pinctures and grab
grab up the holy sand of heads
the puckered eyes which stand
as a tower of snakes which lies down
the spaces of their ribs in lips
which slip over the ball
over the spherical colosseum
whose tiny face is the line
twisted into speach
a transparent crab is slinding
over a star of water

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