Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Merchant of Ambon

is the dry fuse
and where the latch spark
no albumin carve
true minister
the image as message
has deep roots
on the implacability
of order (for.all.things.)

could it be universal
when dreyfus
alone on devil's island
all alone in that fiction
would become an entire
of engraving

gravity defends itself
with nothing
nothing is
and always will be
our greatest ally
and the most mind-boggling
ever to set foot
on french guiana

iguana guano

jim jones swallowed whole
by an enormous pelican
wearing a bandana
made from the tricolour

no albumin
no universal album
of the all universal metaphor
jaw bone alone in space
on scab island
of nothing in defense

all the swirling of nature
all the soft eddy ports
all the plants
all the grains of sand
and molecules of air
descending into
the star-fish-like hands
of Rumphius-Dreyfus
the cosmic multigender
cloning killer station

it washes up
and then just stares at you
a tiny blue chameleon
floating on a bright red
forked stick

its drift would
would know you completely
in time

because of bartleby
taxonomy if law of leisure
more clay

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