Sunday, January 14, 2018

the faceted greeting stone

and the sailors
now awakened in the night
and up in the drifting ash and limelight
their dreams of dodona and chimerion
fading before the ambiguous crisis
lashed their minotaur pilot
to the mast
and supped with elimabo
ears these white snake birds
turbulent in yellow stained siren
mouse suits (their sockets glue rimmed)
the whole oceanic labyrinth cone rising
out of its tone flat flat tone
wall slithering slit flange
the boat oracle casts its slittlering lithe
float by bounce and flounce maim
and the bounding sailors stretch
to meach the leach eared minor lab
rinsing these pilots in the scene we feel
lashed by siren beauty
subtle salammbo hangs some foam
on its horn
and the horn depart
in swan legged commongling
ling wadlu
waddling hod roots wretch their sea codes
and the sailors dragging ears stones
through the high dunes of the beach head
take out their small minotaur
and bury it upright in the moon
lit only by the vast coiled siren sired there
the long haired snake bird tongue
which had followed them slithering
for centuries
out of its tone flat flat tone
for history is not made
of well-crafted versus
or told in this way but it is
us by muse loosed lust
its tug will find an air grave's heir
and thrust a fol and a fod lo
to loom the hush
two sail ropes touched the horns
and the sailors were crushed
and came up laughing amid the glue
and mouse suits
foam and teats for the tables of wheels
of wild salammbo

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