Saturday, January 13, 2018

accepting escalation

3 abandoned nests and a single
dead mistletoe inhabit the leafless
tree of the network problem and its
lone string which attaches from the
history of tile to the macadam as seen
from above marking out the perimeters
of the buildings is it galvanic skin response
which supposes the flux of depth in
figurality is essentially the only quality of
(our discontinuous object-orientiering)
or the quantitative agreements between
Fernando Pessoa and Philip José Farmer
former pacifist for the region of backyard
bordering old shopping center (in the alley)
lithe dogs and obese squirrels skulk these
regions around the parks and the papers
are written over sign over sign over sign
until the singing of the sign-makers is the
only singing as in mine mine mind mined
twigs silent as space or filled with little
rembrandts for this once upon a time
my acorn's hull was yellow glass and was
fitted snugly into this hooked green metal
handle whose reflector looks like a leaf
but also and this can only be the truth
is that this same yellow glass acorn
is my face and in my red velvet jacket
with yellow stripes and black cuffs
and with my blue trousers slacks or
noise skirts I hold up an abstract blade
from which pieces fall and in the distance
with the use of a telescope some unlikely
creature is leaping from the rim of the volcano
down into its pits (ie this italian car industry)
for an overgrown area of the city it is not so bad
there is a trail near here which is good for bike
riding you can see the one mile long skeleton bike
in prog ro gorgon this black shelf remains here
and the red men who dive into the production area
are outlined in black and the ice shelf off the coast
of the volcano is shaped exactly like the abstract blade
the barrel groin vault of water avril dujardin
peak garbage hours for time travel

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