Friday, January 12, 2018

The Paradise Papers

(conceptual poem #1055)

and so we finally get insects
to obligate avoidance
as the eyes are unsealed
and the world flows
as in light running farther
when leaves greet in octave show
instantaneity spookily shod
in too much light
a quickening in its eye
the bright lamp by the bedside
alone / off
~the irrational dimensions
of an infinite city

peerless poesy
their gems and golden collars
shine through the snow
have eaten a way
increasing the paleness
of the melting lens
a pond in a tree
the rock remains shattered
in a star
the tree slows down
the streets of traffic are
a great success

bird and will be
wherever the shadows break
is the difference between language
and paradise

the person has monstrous ears
just around the corner
transforming the hedge circuits
til a little pool formed
then rose
and went home

moving toward the river in a phrase
it felt the most precise
is ink
the emperors clothes concealed nothing
how far back would an idea go
in the palatine of paper

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