Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dronald Wimestism

galled bor ecogarishnessm
in a ego tarist kay
gropini just is kinthess morgue
bird finding beno
washing tons of it getty
dirrty liddle menthol
kylochief of staph
this literal infection
of his girth for shesh
in natural distaster
laid tyranno de bergerack
cumming away
dead gold
stuffed all in its
and made up
give it the dead eye
carib beegin
if i'm carnival elected
third rate boat shoe head
quad arrangement pfeffermannse
i could give you f0re dolluses
its dead are stacked up
awaiting engagement instructions
manta galls are deployed
in the highlands of dnk
or DHN 'disgruntled hillbilly networth'
until it rolls up its gun closets
and gives out black lung lesbian
to the dog farmers
a sheep inserted there in its
trying engima
enigma gyro variotions
i could dron(e) auld knight
llanger, hans, ISLE!
thems conspiracy kunst rates
liquour of words
no pay gay gorgon in real states'
priests have been charlee'in
the gimble scratch for potion
pharmakon-men on one side
its weekly head a wreck
abject sorcery in bate's motel hell
as if thought thug were dumb
its mug cum glum
or fly to meat (a turnip place)
that fly is meat
in its hotel dawn glass
each day is a torture
rife with barren
and pathetic scrabbling
the concept and the scribble
now have traded
spirit animal sleds
inside their devil pumpkin
santa claws
zombi washington
with afro of ghosts
my gland's not called an I
my hole single gland universe
is a secretion
and secretly shunning sense
it engages in sins and other
nonesuch synthemes
calorry coochie call
deep calorie dumping
before the symbol of the hole
which is an actual hole
and which draws out
possibility from the world
that's how we redeuce things
Il Deuce douche
in a music of carbohydrates
and damned and seersurcurcirculating
mass hintellection

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