Sunday, January 14, 2018

in a red coat (my star, ourself)

in a tranquil flume
in a low flowing star trough
in a cube
of tongued waters
in a flat and opulent city
of planar topaz redoubt
in a

red coat
thank you kind sir
thank you kind madame
in a sad hero
who is kind to an old man
to an old lady
who builds them a ship
which moves across the land
and across the ocean
and through the air
and under the sea

in a tranquil floam
in a counsel of deformed trees
in a dim and monumental hall
of knotted and twisted voices
in a star plane flung out
over an ocean of flame
made of interlocking and tessellated
cube pixel people
in a red coat
thank you madame

thank you sire

in a blue headwind
in a grateful deadman's mind
within the ring of companions
in a wild sly grin
in the buttonwood trees surrounding
the misunderstanding
in a devil's purse
in a cutpurse's heavy breathing
in a lemur's deposit
who is kind to an old lady
to an old sea
to a baby
made of deformed trees
carried out of the dim temples
and burned before the companions of the hero

in a moment of weeping
went all through the world in a tale
of knotted and twisted voices
in a grey tower
in a cold dinner
in a lost letter to a frail abode
in a magic remedy
in an army's annihilation
in an enchantress' scowl
in a red coat

thank you analysis
thank you diaboli
thank you type 513
type 429
type 395
type 6
thank you thiothixene hcl
thank you theo fixatives
thank you teaparty

thank you
for joining in
in our disunion

thank you elder brother
in this submarine ocarina house melon
in this thin star plane language
of devil's motif indexes
in this curly flame
of low-browed sleepers performing
as the hero
in a red coat

thank you
green bridge of singing locusts
green isle of mummified banana dolphins
thank you blood red hunter of the hill
for falling in the well
for displaying your innards
as salamander cabinets
in a red mote
thank you lossy mermaid remoulade
thank you trapezoidal tapestries
for tarrying over this
dedecahexahedonism tree's
omnitruncation punctuated
vagus phallitribulum

gracias La Nouvelle Omphale
thank you Camille Puissant
of the roiling globe whose polytopic
orb expansion must inevitably lead
or follow on from
and then be regrown

in a castle of nictitating tongue blossoms
in a damned and absolute mess
in an abandoned gate

to a glorious future with no end
within cells interlinking
within selves interlinking
within cells interlinking
thank you.

O my name is tranquil flume!
O the beautiful day is looking over his shoulder at you!
O sorrow of houses houselessness
O sorrow of green drownings
in a careless sea
in no responsibility
in Wednesday
in this loyalty this plusis jidet
in this open and navane "Over-Ghjrist"
in this sun shadow
this wandering fitzmichael
in this nocturnal wandering staff
in this tree puller
in this professional reader
in this compassionate son
this suitor contest
this task accomplished
with the grateful dead
in these extraordinary companions
in this thought balloon hand (left)
and handlessness (right)
in this broken sword
in this sword broken off
in this universal pelvis

in this red coat
with its ear to the ground
to the marvelous runner
in the walking contest
in this cheating (over dread)
in this marriage (of gorgeous undertakers)
in this gwilid saga of yammering urn rubbers
in this court of disorderly narratives
in this folk-leader
in this rhetoric
in this subject matter
in this episode
in this thesaurus of story material
in this shaved slain lyricism
in this headlong resource
in this long headed battle set
in this unlikely gasconade

thank you
exceedingly ugly
angel face

thank you warmth of hands
thank you winged bargain

thank you servant
thank you feast
thank you severed head
dragging yourself
from the bailey-stake
on stiff jointed articulated ears
become mind fins
in a red coat

thank you Lebu S. Trigge
of Ronnville Wyoming
and thank you
smell of cheap whiskey

o renowned pupa cohort!
Viva Bacco e viva Amore!
and even more!

thank you
cooked and raw
thank you mound
thank you mound of becoming mound
thank you wife
thank you brusquerie
thank you plagues
thank you gold hilted writing
laid in dollops
before the conventional flesh
before the absolute fetish
before the calculation
of the algorithmic genetic bop
slop prosody

before the stew hoard

in the trough of mewlings
in the pan of glands
in the garlands of foamy monkey-roses
in the frogs of flaming dabloons

in this virgin bed
in this design

in this self-created
thank you
this red coat

thank you
swollen members

thank you
thank you
o sweet adoration of the magnifying
magnet eye
whose halo of cumulous star putti
thanks you also
in mute rays!

thank you formal charm
of the beyond
and beyond the beyond
for the cunnings
of your absent cunning
thank you all

thank you awl
and awful fall


and abandoned
thank you cells

in a red coat
of interlinking

before the catalog
before the thin diaphanous membrane
stretched to its limit

o weird warriors of pure aesthesis
lay your seamlessness
into fudge

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