Friday, January 12, 2018

pure noise example


it contains the Unnamed: Wow,
but these things get one of them
to become NAILYA
on her last Woofer album
there is a Famous Association
between elegant Velvet balconies
and today's Forecast
which implies we
"Chant This Blowy Evolve" and then
"lower our middle kingdom fingers"
it features "Today is breaking down"
into (wow) and D. Vinci S. Live air but
see also "Look for a plant" to Find Watts
What are the herds? the herds are go.
Love is in love but its face is turned to
"No characters" These two options are:
Wallis and Aediliciis, and Carl de Laasje
sits quietly At the corner of Ekan and Boin,
Fortunately, safe and didja heer, there's a
New zoom-in Bluetooth which Earns u
"an anchovy leaked transgressive documents"
Old old bitch bitch, this Melon is twelve Lubins long
Reason is shorter, shorted, but still
"a Heavenly gift" especially when
Download the Charitable Letters Cover Album
featuring "Nolity Wireless Bluetooth"
which won the Nobel Peace Prize
for "Noble Views" Go to the info
and search under "Wow"
writes Beatty drowning in teflon-derived
albino android skins also called
'the ubiquitous tilbury" so that its
canrival (carnival) day at the jockey club so that
"pure noise example" would maintain
in pure nihilism that our absolute landlord
is Lady Hertford's shoe collection
Richard Wallace is a cyclops android
centaur made of transparent jelly dollars
and both of his optic nerves pass
right out the back of his head
to become the reins
of a hyper-powerful and alien version
of an AI Photoshop program
which later became
aggressively twin camellias
pure noise example then came back
to carnival and made a great spectacle
of becoming a living caduceus
strangled by a snake-like hunting-flugelhorn
which continued to blow
long after its nuclear afterlife
had gone into velvet remissions
among the ever-rotating
velvet elevator balconies
which also feature fully functional
rococo dining rooms
built from ambergris
and turquoise colored sugar

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