Friday, January 12, 2018

chaff wen chaste tech stack skull tool

how heavy would i drag
the yellow flower ornament
firmament and with tooth
no longer shining return
to the well where the sweet
once water swam whose waiste
in like belted ohm the cosmi
let luh hue let tel hull who'll teal
a who how heavy would i drag
the lost body flower's abstract
signal conquest no carrier this
spring sarcophagoi ou bloom
ou twell and light-coiled grotto
this is stem that cousins fungi
ah foo to the lag the low flood
of flowers summons whole the broad
vein to make a hollow sphere of promise
so full of hard edged cubes safe in the dial
tone we flowers rode our slabs wen
alen or holone they too will be extruded
into the events as they actually are
huffing fuzz and hiss in a
shimmering mud loom
this high spectacle house
will the abstract come out of me
cinnabar puzzle dancers
will stamp joyously on green islands
at the food of wondrous arcing stone
and we will be calden for oak paddles
in our dim glands
we will be the dead magic
in a world where everything
has come alive to handles

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