Friday, January 12, 2018

hot mu swoon, cold blue ink eggs clutter

eye sleg eyes
black eggs sleg
black legs in their
ink egg slice
sleg dev mu
ides reg sled duv mu
ice legs or egg sled
the dice we cooked in eggs
with ink or ink injected
into oranges
orange eyes in the sled
its legs were bleeding orange
in the ice
its white eyes so orange
under the ice unblin
king sleg
hold king sleg while i drown him
in orange ink
his sopping shoes cast down the hole
his sloppy muse sleg down the coal
ink face hot over broiling black eggs
this ink bread cometh to ice
under pale lavender anvil hands
if you sleep for twelve hours
atop the yolk of a huge egg
your finga syringas injecting black veins
into the orange casketball beam orange
sleg yegg egoo mi boogi mi googi mi slob
hol bul hul jibbi ice black ink cow orange
ice black hands cast of ink
covered in egg
and fried in a pressed coal pan
pan is dead long live hard pressed egg pan
head sleg
duv dev
mu kev
glu feg
with ink or ice injected at the temploo
of its nose his sleggy hose is dreg
its wawl hawl wot hoon is sleggi wut inkice
dice thermometer
or drowning in eggs again
the ink stained art miner too a too a toa
bridge too far bi jaime'
black eggs blued across her face
she dropped the old blue stone at the entrance
to the ink warehouse and there laid an egg
in the dirt of the doorway
and drowned it in ink by singing to it
and the orange pale liver lived
in the black ink ice helmet its skull was safe
from the letters of the egg atop a huge
hand made of ice
lavender anvils used for bricks
to make a building where the stiff erect blankets
which had been soaked in egg and ink stood
looking at the eye
of an egg

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