Thursday, January 11, 2018

and just then

while sitting in the left-hand turn lane
waiting for the light to change
i noticed a bird drop swoop and
alter its planned trajectory
to land in the perfect and miniature
arch of the red letter n
of the wendy's sign
coming to rest in the unseen nest
away from and yet amid
the traffic of the intersection:


(water running over their faces)

there is only one letter n
in the river
in the forest there is
only one high-pitched
stone n (cueva-kuna)
there are no mistakes
in the marks themselves

kencheko poká pauká
chuy yra huguaw
kopá dúla

if i were relative to the cheek
my tongue would be a paw
and poke into the cheek
like a hammock

a slave is not a hammock
and havok is not a slave
nor a state (m-bu-sao)
(wattage running over their faces)

their chewy ears
like huge guavas

are opalescent

i see hordes of them
wrestling in the water
their feathers
stand up

and run like iguanas
on their hind-legs

they run along a fallen tree
400 or maybe 3000 kilometers long
until they come
to the bohios of the bohemians

the last people
with cracked faces
and there they sit in chairs
all mother or all mouth
the romance of the lone trumpet

and put on their mustaches
of hamburger

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