Wednesday, January 10, 2018

dekadenco rasserdítsja ringuainare

she is that iam that is a lanterm
silk inflatables hippurate glostule

he is that iam that is a lanterm
hookoo gookoo redarguo
embrouder brood louder buck width

and cameo transformatio
and cameo máig forgrunnar modificarsi

oh lantern
weep stratum bird lifting hookoo goofunsit
sap perigris
coulomb and mod mubodgy
modbudgy spownlings

grey unbounded glans pontificare'
who would supp at the invertissemum
of the shild glud metalimnio

what bird on high would carry a lanterv
a shoe gliding peristall
to the evening tabetic holostoostiture

cameo broadweave clypate
glim rum cauterizzata

heave in your many rimettere
your echoic champions
of releería

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