Saturday, January 13, 2018


is it mass is it mass
the loom that stares beyond
the crevasse
these weefolds of the altai
laid down with their horses in the kurgan

the oldest saddles known below
girth steppe bole
how is a question made anthropoise
to the ornate 'horns of sacred wildness'
carved and coated in goldleaf
and applied to the heads
of the horses
to be mixed up with 2000 years
of languagelessness

to noises
to mass
to feldspar
worked for a computer
launcing is memori
the mud
a total spirit
this aquamarine sponge hill
in which the olive herm runs away
before a yellow sky
of braided wood

rare itch
smooth criminal
scythian bolus
facing its common element
'beware of heterodox oppositions'
if mass like scriabin (as a maiden)
were sacrificed to yarilo
to chess with tusks of blood
carved inside for a bee-hollow and orchestra
their botwulf

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