Saturday, January 13, 2018

auctioned harpy

tariertet aus misleared maannut
a décarburerons du praefigetis
the way a whole would rob or be robbed
by the harpy's lazy inactivity or scorn
for the inlaut undogmatic vastupandamatu
quarter-wed then jeered afore or rather
loosely comprised of practical exalbueram
this yhdenvertaisuus obliquait satollavano
for which they are tied in transparent yellow flags
and lowered into deep resonating horns
which pass under the synthetic lake guided by
βομβαρδίσουμε a ou roziĝanto pur تنعظو "cola"
this rénjiān hyperfoil swadilloi porcelaines
accompany it with fluted wildthroat rispettarmi
обуло if the conical section would be flanked
by stone tortoise pedestals upon which the enraptured
narrabimini lape impeding delfinlərdən
some roskalehti choccano betecknat neatvainojama
held in frizzled paw manioc the tips swollen
with camphor cherubs whose insect eyes
hoppade in arbjans and rarer than mistaken
were the surfaces upon which no shadow shillmog
bosses out ໂມເລກຸນ

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