Saturday, January 13, 2018


so that is was slightly
or that A.J. Raffles had come
to arrest the man
who as archivist for The Throbbing Gristle
had produced an unexpurgated
and 'definitive' youtube series
aligning each recording with a single
king or queen from the history of the world
to equal one thin gold $1000 coin
out of 60 such available
(an alien) for which it could be said
was a chair all the same
to whit: "being is a chair."
no capitalization inherent in the act
or positive declining vatality at all
to suppose it were "a unified act of agression"
against a clearly agressive act to end all
agression in a regressive sense
or refractive at the very least
that same archivist being later
(post 60 y.o.a.) a pipe-fitter for the firm
Chaucer Esq IUD IED
so that is was slightly
or that A.J. Raffles had come
to the lottery
by "dog-cart" or that the most notable
or rather "artitsically impsired" effigy recorded
was that of Sir Ian Brady found in 1992
alongside Iraq's Highway of Death
Highway 8 through 80 and all those
in between until later it had opened up
its own firm Grim Coordinate EEG at one
number 8 Cheapside before becoming
patinated in high teal garden near
the crocodile canal a languor of fabrics
and notably inbred, or nobly inbred
to a series of contestable outlays
on the system of hierarchies
opening out of industrial photography
and its lesser or more mineralogical
children "The Knees of the Gods"
where Bunny becomes the brunt of melancholy
and in which the slave god Raffles
tells him not to worry about the future
which as she shows through careful deduction
looks much more like a huge and droopy eggplant
which extrudes a human face composed of
yellow paste and how that face
reaches only with its elastic lips
for a 'veritable green egg' which
alert persons may have already concluded
belongs wholly to the pale blue carved stone fetus
which houses an empty egg chamber
of much redoubt also noting in passing
the concession of certain "more porous lands"
to whatevermaycome in the sense of
a much more pagan (read sacred) take
on vauban's star of lille
as if each head were a star of lilies
yet to be horns (seeking acquittal)
of the absolute reality of a pan-semiotic
quillottery (some capitaliation)
and therefore ruminant in fact upon
the resurgence of "ritual poetry"
in all its myriad forms and occlusions
(ie inbred)

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