Monday, January 31, 2011

Pompus Psyche, All Glode Night Immer Carcoon. Carcoon to lode the Tableture.

elaborate, or
baroque tears?

those tears are like
filigreed balconies, beaded
with tiny little gem-wheels.

the furniture inside
is 'strap-in',
like an upholstered
knight's armor.
padded within and without,
the red velvet knight
is a furniture
inside an engineered tear
which rolls, ala periodyssey
down the cheek.

cheeky tiers,
all architectural,
all studded.

I'd like to see a movie
which is simply a single day in the life
of the president
of a luxury watch firm
like Breguet.

I'd like to have the opportunity
to design a beach home
and bring together
master clock-makers
and architects,
material scientists,
and the makers
of musical instruments.

I imagine a home, that like a clock, chimes, strums;
steam pipe, glass tablet entablature of raised nubs,
the tablet that slides under the massive strings, the possibles
of roaring through the hole-->

out over the sea

I dream of deep deep metal well
set into [the] beach

a giant horn

for house basilisk
and [the] poet knight interior:

"Who says Butlerflies don't come out of carcoons?"

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