Monday, January 31, 2011

A Pile of Rubber Letters in the corner I call Grandma.

Being mechanical, you ought not walk, 
... and weep your tears Into the channel:

 I li fir Wi Hi* ic0i Irti ,,i 'Il| l,l)l iil* IVfi •0l- l0i 
HI mi Uli ssI ha lo0 ,,0l ,o, 0,oi Hi* ■ ,in • 
0bi ,0 ... •*li* .00 • ifc *i •S,i " li, iki • = i -* 
ml Til III Hi • ii r, ,,b ,,b '* l,im l0z * l0 il- lM 
e,,* ,i. ...

A Pilulier is an instrument for 
rolling and dividing pills. sprunt 
cloth. Timao. The name 
of an East India root:

Uli^iHTl Kill »«'"" use «ar=fr *: 
TT.ejn . H!ui£ ^i»i th* :f "
an- _rrwrr 17 sra>tTT'5f 
xaif :c:»^ T*>. i,r -
•si ■!• xy "Sitt a*snc«cf- 
rf -an- Si^sit^j. us ■sfeiiiil^ 
iiiir?*s«»L u«w!- HHEa. AT'
-^-ri :ti*htv^sl xl^»^ till 5:rcr

The soil of its vicini ly is not lube lertile than ) 
ours; but the earth warns lh» suit,mechanical
iwuistrj, ... If the wera not correct, let us be 
directed to sounder oticTill that is done, 
they need no further examiuRtioi They
The knife-edges on which the hopper 
rests are on two horizontal levers, one on 
c.uli side ot the hop- „ per. ... and this jerk 
by means of suitable mechanicalarrangements 
throws a pinion on the cam shaft into gear 
with a wheel on a Kill Uli tí to mo. [Mi booomoi nt' 
before a vowel or A silont 4. It precodoi tli .
sorry verb oiooptin . ... mechanical action 
(produced by the mere laws of motion 
and not intentionally); 

nature—, mechani- calness. ...
ló, a bird of Siberia with blue plumage

 [with watch-makers] 
the Will has been daubed

irr he taught st they mtiin allhta 
the Stase A selegtam tntleed 
hen bit lo nigh I sa|i thcy ituwl thc I'.,. 
62-Key Keyboard only.

Pin drew the period-looking trains on the cover.
A transverse hole was also bored to receive 
a bit of brass tube, E, to fit on the brass
Wake-up (If in SLEEP mode) Interrupt lo:

■П JJ Л уЦ зо r-г-Н tis vit - re - 
us lam bit liquor sul - со- que ductus 
ir - ri - gat tis vit ... Г P' pP P F»f Ö 
P^P Éi flo- res ni- te - scunt dis - co-lo - 
re ger-mi - J ii i' i' i ^ ne pin- gunt-que ter S

bruise the root, 
and bind it above Ihe place that is bit
begin to smoke
begin to distill brandy

The first button debouncing macro 
is inserted in the source code and waits for a:

Too loo Ke gnng'a Much aniok'to 
Echig'uok Oto'uko Ko'brn Pin u roo'a 
Ku'tok Oong nnh'puk Oong'nali Oo noo'nek 
Ko ... wild Pass (in mountains) Past aces 
Pastime Path Pearl Pel v if* Pencil 

Pencil Peninsula, 
Alaskan Pepper Perched
ato-oshi, qv Oto. Noise ; 

sound, otoko. Man ; 
a male person. otoko no : 
male. otoko no ko : a boy. 
otoko no neko : a ... 
not be so down-hearted. 
hin wo otosu ; nawo otosu : 
to lower one 's good name ; 
damage one's reputation. 
namida wo

Myr- mecophaga
sprichst unbestimmt, 

scenic / cynic

stamping their feet
Iciffe nidjt ouf mir £ 
I won't be played with
and madly 
strum on the piano

que l'on retrouve dans 
l'expression bete de somme, 
vient du grec sagma

Gauley Being!

l'arbre vénéneux fut coupé
They were so full of adoration that 
he could not say the word— could not 
so destroy their idol. He sighed, dropped 
a hand on the dog's head, and went 
slowly forward, as the aged walk, 
aimlessly, taking all the time in the world.


When of peculiar fonns, these implements 
have names indicative of their shape ; 
as, dog- note, pig-nose, hand-vice, cross- chap 
vice. ... (Idol; Mar* iii. 3. Dexterous ; skilful ; 
skilled in using the hands or in handiwork. 4.

Detachable jaws are widely 
used where great accuracy is not ... 
The magnet poles terminate flush 
with the face of the chuck, 
and are separated from the E

With an odd expertise, 
she put the mandible just 
behind her suntanned bare knee
the thing till tapping out sounds,
phrases, uli-lo:

ti li ki ya ngere gu fuo ko ko a tu 
mange li na ni mbata ka si a 

and when he examined the design 
he had plaited her ... He remained quite kili. 

ko ki yafu na yo we, 
li imi akondo ue, ki songo 
gbamu ki di nzeme He told their
Kuang-tung Kien-yang, 

see Chien-yang H.
see Fu-chien and Kih-an, 
see Chi-an Fu Chiang-hsi the Kili-cheo, 
see Chi C, Shan-hsi.

Of the three jtoui's which teach us 
the Knowledge of" Gu.t. 
Ui Justice and Mercy in general. Of Me. 
... Marquess of Kiontrofs, Oliver Cromwell, 
Duke of Hamilton, General FU^e, 
Duke of uilbemarle, Earl of" Shaft 
sbury, Duke of \ton~of mmnmouth. 

Ta. kili,ki((ai, 
Te. ciluka «*ki(uka); 
Ka. gudi, kudi 'point, 
tip, banner*, Te. kodi; 
Ka. je:nu, 'honey', 

Te. texne. ... 
[kampu, gampu 'fragrance'; 
Ka. . g/:fu, ki:tu 
'to scratch'; gu:nu, 
ku:n(u) 'hump'; 


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