Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Symmetrical Ice Chin Prosthesis For Yeti Mummy C-Yx11b

and refusing to mouth his script,
their script, I caused some OJ
to hover in the air
like a catpaw
@ wept in the winter
of their disconcertgebau
d agua

carnival canary
still cheaping in mind

burl ives platinum snowman mustache
the very prehensility to open any window
along this narrow gorge
to the let the orange gelatin pour out

cubic mass of ambulant gelatin
to display the pop up bob up
plastic gourd designs,
their luminous battery powered
surface ensigns

Blind Daruma,
can you have rump rocket?

are you are sucking silence
pinned irrevocably into some
eccentric space among the tiles
and brass flowers of the black leather turtle's
megarum (shell)?

What gives shell?
What hinders?
The gentle beast will loam,
but trapper Ed (Bierce) Shelley (Robert Browning)
succeeds in killing one of the giant animals....

When cinders hover, circle, and depend,
we kiss and embrace like oxygen,
negative Eesho
will cast smooth, but erratic stones
into a liquid vortex

Ludi Sack-Yule-Aria

the vortex being located in the sack (the text),
and the yule surmounting the text-sack,
a monodic emblem of the lost understanding
of the baroque unity, now 'beomce' irronity,
one thinks upon the towering babylon in the advent
of style, and the aria

ranges indexical from wheeze
to twalo encapsularia

Hexabranchus sanguineus

each a hand
carrying its little German lens

with see a milk white schmoo
with red antlers
emit a wheeling scree of sonosity
from a portcullis

chinchillating blades.

Image the scripts they will make you sing,
imagine that you knew anything, Tristorpheus San,

Otome no sugata
Shibashi todomen-->

has a starbeing
in her antler.

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