Monday, January 31, 2011

I Love You Very Stupid.

In you little blonde head
I am suffering

In your little blonde head
Chang and English

move into the river
in an 18th century
glass jellybean carriage
wearing wet sealskin body
and powdered whigs

In you blonder little head
all of Rome has come
like the legions of demons
to the tree of bo

and it is there
that i see a little bird
wearing a tooth
for a helmet

it is there that the skull
is launched
down into the
slough of drums
where it tumbles
into 120 megabytes

she was not blonde
but an old negro woman
hiding a watermelon
in her stomach


every watermelon
is a jellybean
and in French

is gel-o

that's water
and beef bone dust
and sugar
and food coloring

and naked people
can wear it
and jiggle

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