Friday, November 14, 2008

chuntre mundusy

chunt nap or sabp sore
or sint cheese or clot or
map fart or nedst
or chimp site or ester

swart fulguroar
fus mint balloonshoulder
pinheads savage
pinhead savage dimly

thinly ravaged indeed
cleavage indeed
mouldered spoon thinks dust
yr underwear smarts

chunga slap or sabre spore
or signed chin easing lots
for hearths with hands
do flot some loans

foam dung sot floor
glans whiff, arfs nor
slots cheesy bin grimed nor
sore flavor gore: slats clung

flome grundy
gloam mundus puntee
the chin eases phlegm
phlegm beard, my friend

Lanny Quarles & John M. Bennett

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