Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Katrina Poonscope

Ghat of rinds, pest me meliose ab-
pi-poemscape, post mi, riposti-pons,
upon the glamorous remains

Weggli, Stain jelly, Ringlial,
astro-sitter, baby babbler
and the like, the mediochre
blending of any of a range
of oranges for slumber duds,
pi-j'aimais la slumber

upon the glamorous remains,
the room built up inside the pipe organ
whose cabinetry of mask-doors
glows from within

mirrored floors
the calculator laid in
in granite

where Pantocrates
arrived like mueslix,
ammo amo mot


New Orleans with floor du lee
Katrina Poonscope
snooping through the walsers
and weirdgrass

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