Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Pompous Lore Again

Pomme-puss Lorganin, why halve yoo
fonged the trabulin powdoer pake
pik Paramoostraw venning lobey?


Start story anywhere I gather to leaf fall
aroma Oma, Opa, Ova, Oga, Olaf Pilaf
wading broomyte hilter in filtercross, harehead
castle beyond its biddings, hardly floaty gravel
to give it footing's sweeter than indexy.

Mog to bothorp,
and answer yoo tworn,
hibe mek a swiley smaken,
giffern chow loo, inna pweet
and chiny molthorst, boob kin
swallerin gundip lebsinthingrillen.

warl and warl
and breakfast steel eye the marble camscup
a meeb pa prum
plum grassy guppy shoe show grille soong
pug licorice sealant any fogaleerty pogogone.

See? Pomme-puss Lorganin by halve.
Valve swip essay jibby clamph.

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