Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pointy Headed Elves in Eeloven's Crasfpt

How about,
How 'bout, if you
kiss my ass?

Kiss my ass!
Kiss my grits!

Alice, not long a girl
is now a waitress
in the Ziggurat Cafe'..

Big Deal, Mel,
Your eggs taste like ham!

I've hurled sham in your face,
and you don't like it!

You've hurled 'personal sensibility' in my face,
and I could give a shit less,

I'm cool, I'm above it..

You think you're the shit?

Enjoy it!

I am on the side of enjoyment!

Let us have tea near an odd structure..

That's about all I have to say..


laregrotkinexit... [shrugs]

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