Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Shauk of the Nu (Kaffir Bumpy Head Kitten People Igloon)

a chevy lingers
near the white hot
kittenhead diving bell
seen through aching confetti
carrying its witchgas children
of embodiment's rustive vainy hawe

"My head is a camera grandmother sea horse chandilier,"
said Tony, while towell popping in the idyll
of plexiglass.

A rumba begins.
A rumba ends.

The beginnings and ends of things
also rumba
with the kitten-horned diving-bell
chicken embryo
of aching confetti super beans,
the exhaust of chevy

its geriman donald bill clap
through speaker ads
and old zine pavement sweaters

sweaters once worn
by poor ugly kittens (the armpit grapes of sultan obadiah bronze chicken robot head)
whose fur was made of crimson scrotumy coxcombs (data raisin nostril balloon memeorry)
instead of rabbit navels
in igloos of klingon kaffir lime wedge axes

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