Wednesday, November 26, 2008

His Weenie Expounded To Tilde

Abu Dhabi speech and siren in -is core,
For acropora sposed reef tank
As hookup;he dhal laud's wind-as weir-a
Diabetical latrian latvian loomed lonfily
He took vends- upon- his pried-a.
His tables of logarithms are bafed upon
Thofe of Gardiner, Strawman UMMA tropics
But, for -a world a while abide-a
To look if He -imp world acne's,
To Him a foretop-no- -a send-co,
And drat was, in -is sleep biz no/^hat's,
His prude's kid a won-decry- so^-hat's
Had, in -is seven deer -a lay.
Him thought upon 1 a merit' dui,
As nee beheld due world about a,
tree fulgurous- -a is/A debut-co
Whitish stood due world am/do-as even,
Whoops nay/rut-a strake's up too due Heaven
Due leaves were fair and lards-a,
Of fry it bar so or*Up a shards
Drat all's men it might-co feed-a.
He Sikh al-so- dhow boo-as spruced-a
Abu al earth, in whish's WACO
Due kind of al-a bra/do-as here're.
And cake -imp thought -a Sikh also*
Due kind of al-co best-as go
Under his tree abuse's round's
And feed-en nine upon- due gnus.
As nee his wonder stood and set's-he,
Him thicket's -a aired a voids on it's^he
Cm'-end 1 , and said above al-a :
" Hue dun his tree, and let it fall-a !
" Due leaves let default- in nasty-co,
" And do due fry destroy- and west's !
And let of fathered every branchy
Boot a Rote let it staunched
When al his Pride is craft to grounded
The rote seal Le fate bounder
And focal no manes here beer
Boot curry loft he focal forbore
Of man. and lich an Oxen his mete
Of grass he fugal porcelain and tee
Till fat fee water of fee haunch
Hague waif him be times fennel
So fat he be foreknow aright
What is if co serenely myth
And be mad humble to if a wile
Of him which al main fane and faille
This king out of his fewness abrade
And he upon if a move it feeder
Veto if a clerks which he hade
Boot non of hem if a fog>a abrade
Was non his weenie cow a vendor
And it food )>like time of
This king hade in furies
Jude. and of affect/on
A blue ale of re OH Daniel
He loupe . for he cow a well
Divine fat non of err ewe a
To him were ale if ingest cow a
As he it hade of goddess grace
lie was before if a kings face
Fact. and bode fat he child
Upon I>a point if a king of tilde
The forting of his weenie expounded
As it schooled afterward be founded
Whine Daniel if is weenie herded [of.
He food long time err he inferred
And made a wonder hue chicer
The king took hide of his manure
And bad him teller fat he wife
As he to whom, he motel trite
And feeder he wiled night be woof
Boot Daniel was wonder love
And feeder upon if I foment ale
Sire king }>I weenie mote fallen
And nave else . toughened of this
I wool if a teller how it is
And what deface is to fee chapel
God wet if if our it chat facade
The hike tree which )>our haft Fein
Wife left and fruit of well beefing
The which food in if a world amides
So fat if a befits and if a brides
Governed were of him al one I
Sire king betoken if I up^loc
Which faint a blue all ere lid I:-.gas
Thus regna vender if a ]>a kings
And al if a people veto if a looter>
And al if a world } I pour double]'

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