Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Donna Kuhn Is Amazing!

the jello is a liar

i sell u froth or family
your brains member
is suitable

i felt the hair conditioner recover

when i find u where i where i

shitake alarm

my tone would river thru the soundness of u, look it up

the salesman is rubber
he has a rubber family

i am forcefully american
u do not understand the biting scar
after texas i am jello, it makes me soft
it makes soft husband

people here have long characteristic purposes
the liar will be i, depends up my long typical target
i will satisfy your brilliant matter

interchangeable throats tonight
i will hate it if u are jello
destroy all the fatty usa

good beautiful smelling thing
personal tuna of a good thing

i am whispering because u think me the opposition
fence love and normality, my left ear is a suffragette
of mystery dust, touching u has been moderate
and necessary

when im in cambodia i look like an animal

i'm a liar in texas and i will be jello

the morning is a sweet snack in my telephone directly
i whisper to repair your hypothesis, screams change
in my hair, u violate a full meal, u waffle chest

promotion woman
suffragette woman

i am flustered in 3 positions

the liar in the jello, the soft snack in jello
usa fatty satisfied jailor, brilliant matter
cry over your boring time in my hair
this woman votes for a woman

repair the whispering, the soft lunch
my personal kentucky hell
the ballot of a woman
whisper directly to my lunch
a longitudinal staff
the error of your waffles

we create and permeate in the night molecules
i multiplied living in the not think.

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  1. thanks, lanny. just came across this post. i often write about the flinstones and it could be because on the way to school every morning i threw my fred flinstones vitamins into a hole in a field. maybe they grew into a vitamin tree but i wasnt going to stick around to find out and school was bad enough without eating soap flavored flinstones first thing in the morning. thank u as well for making fun of christmas. it eases my holiday blues.


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