Monday, November 3, 2008

Saliva Danaë Swallows a Cell nest [SAUNA!]

breath-taking sauna!
shifting roar of kinetic ceiling plates
sealing the fungal effigy into its lens barrel ritual
nozzles aligning to sunspot transduction melody
while wavepools achieve highest convolvulus
before the release of the fetish projectile
itself only virtual~

We gather in our parkas along the head-band-balcony
of the enormous carved iceman, bringing out binoculars, scopes, etc..

~and connoted by a music whose source
is indeterminate and only evident
through certain oblique changes in other materials

eye goo fountain.

cat burp!
one of her eyes involuntarily tremors, then both squint,
must be an important part of the SAUNA!

Breath-taking! SAUNA stands up and dawns its

[yellow snakes peer from its hollow view horns]

CABOCHON!: Couples load into the martini glass
carousel ride, a herd of motorized dragons
encircles the merry-go-round. An eskimoo
of kale enters an Engloo of Tufu,
Nasa Tang Dynasty...

thumb tack!



a kangaroo sits with you watching it snow.

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