Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Volume Level Is Descreasinge.

brine ghouls have cheery lavender chitin
brushed up on edge to allow the eagle
in the louvered pink gear windows
to ruby up the cracks and lashes
of indignant stelcroe

this hanging boxom tubes towards
the extruding monk's roe monocule,
hermadic monades take up
these speaktaburcles:

Ap oem:

Chaste 3bercule
your glass people glans
is a hallway toward visions
once you have passed
through NEW HEAD and NO HEAD
on your way from the luxury abbatoir villa OMA
your chaste 2bercules may blow smoke rings
where the heavy elbow of its name
makes a grooved wheel in the tightroped
changling pont-affix, let our smaller camper
sit up on top like a cross-eyed sphinx
displayed in watermelon innocence, some
four chairs are placed inside the skull glass viewing center's
rooted complexly bracketted ourvum,

no healing occurs without brightly changing thermidors
threnody occurs mormoosely in wren banks

banks of sparrows
or wrens
are twisting grid prisons
opening their prism awaremess stations
to the crossly vexing trasmitter sphere
dotting the eye-scape-GOTT

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