Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mrs. Flora Goforth Tudak Prut Det De [Elevator Embassy Lemur Lectern]


bad news
bad planet
plastic wood

good news
good planet
dead wood

plumed hat cavaliers
give me things
winter knuckle bleeding
knee torn shrell
frog mint
and skeiny fetes


bad hat
bad fetes
plastic planet

good winter
good frog
loominous shrell

give me things
give things to me
take a small thing
and sent it here
plumed hat cat
aleer ing minus

hovering alabastar frog shell bed

Comic Book:

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says
in his speach bubble:

Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer
Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer

servosermo kunstentio dignarratio

but the bubble
is part of a blue-print
whose doors are soda
mittel and leem

this door here is a window made
of bubbles of confabulum
of doors of soda, est, and virtu
whose lattice tendrils drill to ten fathoms
to release the pyrite lung dwarf modules
into the mining bubble mark sequence
afterwords hovering hollow

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says

hovering alabastar frog shell bed
in loominous
our tongues grow together
through complicated neck folding

our frog helmet parents
are an oil on the outside
of our thought-bubble neck folding

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says

In the Winter's long and leary Proimodos,
a plumed Ephomion's bed head frog neck dwarf's
lung bubble said
Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer

Hammer laid beside
Spengler's vagina lotus soda window
tendrils afterwords hovering lattice frog
window hollow frog bed helmet's
neck folding Phanerahau's

jeweled bubble lotus speach bubble's
folding neck frog hollow

bad news
good news

a poem is the pharaoh
because a poem
is knot ewe
Longinus good news
bad news
long winter
speach bubble:

I have made far too many concessions
in this infinitizing contentio.

Mint is troubling
the soda window.

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