Monday, November 3, 2008

Pert Trite White And Hoopy

Bam Bam green
the Martian hulk head helmet means
detox latex doomsday kazoo

Kazuki Gazook, Ernst
foot on bible
foot on bible

Lingerie to wash its wig
foot on Martian hulk head

pantyhose leg lamp
Fred, Fred, the coffee cup head
is bab bab meen, don't do

so, like, in the abyss,
the aliens, are actually
psychosis, not a personal psychosis
but a cultural psychosis of boredom

because like writing 4500 years old
shoes 40000 years old
and the naked ape like
a million or 15,

there is a kind of plodding quality
like being weighted down
by 1500 pounds of rubber monkey heads
at the circus

can you see this giant ball
made of rainbow colored
rubber monkey heads?

like those superbounce balls?

I could see just making a kind of weird
factory and disappearing inside it.

I think that is what happened.

Like in Wizard of Oz, at the end,
you just hear this little girl screaming
her ass off, and I mean really screaming!

but then when the fire truck comes
it's Orange
and all the firemen are oompaloompas

but dressed in lederhosen
Bam Bam green
their Martian hulk head fire-helmets mean
detox latex doomsday kazoo

porno without sex
sex without bodies
bodies without minds
minds without words
words without reasons
reasons without seasons

and Seasons;

perfect emblems
of a self-enclosing
on stage nightly
near Roebuck and Furth
like laundry that smelled of naphtha
like greenish blue cabbage heads
like static fountains of sea-water
among the unweeded misfortune of fortunes

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