Sunday, November 2, 2008


Alexander, a lexicon ameannder,
Menander pseudoes Callisthenes ahero'd.

A hair ode.

Lautreamont, a loud tree aloft, a lout
ray's mountainous haunt, Klaus Kinski is playing De Sade.

A rabbit with tusks.

Tusked rabbit, you festive Hasenpfeffer, How I
love to see you with lanterns hanging from your ivory.

A lexiconejo.

Scarlet Alexander, I do not give a damn,
your Terran hairball all inhabsynpfepfurred up with puki,
puke, puck, pwca, putz, and potsy, your intelligiblets
bleating in their aery daells, yogga, yogga, yogi,
real-feel bulbous nose light switch, Alexander.

Hero Sandwich.

Call is then Es?
Zeus Emmy, O, tricks of pest...

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