Friday, November 7, 2008

Carolinguis Buboe Whizzy

Carolingian bubble whistle, you
who have inflated milk-white bunny shoe corn
with your Carolingian motor snore
puffy eyelid cuticle zeppelin of old France
or Christmas Carolingian Indians
listening to Mingus again
Sebastian Scarecrow Jester
What a kinky pincushion blubber whistle
you are a hollow glass intestine bubble
somehow holding ionized gasses
and mixing lupercal and leprechaun
with equal parts of lupin lupine leper lepus
and lepidoptera

dope lebbin'
rabble of gourd gawkin'
kook caulking
for a happy crack
of dapless muppy moog

baby muppets are muppies
washing corona

Carol linguisa wheezer, you
who have set hovering islands of champaigne
to imitating blood hounds
like blonde transparent gelatin with noisy floppy folds
of butterfly weasle paste tubas
blubbering down into my tongue wig of lupins

moon acne
macking noon
where blubberous pimp rotoscope their blimp-intestines whistle nymphs
Scarecrow sylph removing pupa paste degrading in a high speed vase

deferential vas
you butterfly winged bladder balloon mohawk

you piss bladder mohawk bag pipe
pito de agua

you leprechaun in coconut bra-lid eyes
wheezy wetty nipple thighs
muppy mooging through the happy cracky Carols
gourd gawkin' caulk dispensing yodel island
floppy greasy kook wooky imitating Champaigne castle balloon tuba
blubbering baby muppet nipple triplets
washing corona pupa in blimp intestine mohawk moth vase

butterfly jelly vase whistle

you linguisa whistle blubber duppy

inflated milk-white bunny shoe corn

shoe corn on the cob
sock silk in your happy crack
caulked so smooth with tuba

degrading pupa
of Carolingian Muppy bubbles
ionizing plartickles

butterfly bunny
with hard brown coconut buttocks

or champaigne bra over puffy eyelid cuticle zeppelins

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