Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mammoth Moth-Man of MSN Water Netword

[ducking stool]

Here for the baffle, it
Builds what is filled up
With controlled eely gambesons
Of other appliances.

Only report that eve
Of cloudy links are like this
Way swale circle,
This way, go provide that.

As for that electronic mail,
Anal Wiseman pays it, pays
What is reported is, that is
Provides [run].

The beginning of the rest
Does not build what eve
Of person is that scale, is
That shortest course in the rise,
A ballasting attire is now [run],
To provide the nature of gods.

[That run dotes an honest ballast attire,
not totally eely, glib, or smug, in total
lotions of forgotten [run] for

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