Wednesday, November 12, 2008


there is a cluster of photophobic mummies which interlink lovingly to enframe
the blood-red pineapple still growing in the humoor; which clawes this vaine, this vayne measure, chocolate uncle, there is a cluster of nazis around this griffin, who has released the solar capsule over schönberg, satan christ apollo all take stelae into their belly umbrellas, all take tickets to stand in line at the wondrous golden ear spa whose unda of pools geometrically set off the goetic patterning of the svelte and delphicious bathers:

meretricious wrestlers are combining to form a single turkish coquette
so blondely smoking in the ashtray
now flanked with grinning griffins and nazi mummies
only nazis to wear the tetraskelion armbands of their long-dead
tibetan bonpo mother-in-laws

mother of awe
an enormous mandala of magnifying glasses is hovering in the sky
by an enormous mandala of mummified griffin balloons

they are from delphi, near schönberg
whose typical belly umbrellas render the love of intuition
or propition of the svelte and long-legged bait
who all take their chocolate stelae into the spa
where the candy headed mummies are unwrapped
by tibetan nazi mothers, whose humours are moorish
and enlightened

by the crimson pineapple of delphi
still growing in the frame of young mummies interlocking
in a single armor of mercury liver palps

one of the great short stories of the earth
in beauty and vanity does it transgress all meanings
of a personal nature

the divine comedy
the divine comedy
still striving to unite
the chocolate uncle
with the hotty who is selling coffee
in the mandala of delphi
housing griffin balloon
or allied unity against the communist
chocolate which is still
a little better than swiss breath sofa underlings
or long-legged lantern bathers
in the sulphur hollow griffin spa
down beneathe identity's paradox
that obviously today the monstrous sign
does not transcend polarity
but like nazi chocolate
is design to enforce
is sweet transparent mummified bonpo
grandmother oracle
whose orifices are like a train station
for large numbers of albino monkey boas
whose fleshy mohawk lanterns
are decorated with allied chocolate socks

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